Bug in/out location

Where to stay:

  • Depending how long the disaster lasts, you may need to stay in a rural area or bug out to somewhere probably suburban – with a kitchen garden, well, sewage facility and a group of you to defend the perimeter, ideally hundreds of miles from an urban area or line of drift – which is sadly impossible in the UK.
  • Failing that, you may need to bug in with:
    • weapons,
    • fuel,
    • off-grid comms,
    • medicines,
    • cash and barterables,
    • tools,
    • repair kit,
    • hygiene and cleaning materials,
    • heirloom seeds,
    • survival and NBC gear,
    • batteries,
    • chargers,
    • generator, and
    • food and water

that you would store or INCH-bag to any hideout, to try to hold out in an increasingly untenable urban area.

  • You may simply need to bug in at work overnight while weather clears, in which case, although you should always have your EDC and get home bags with you, you could do with an overnight camp kit in your locker to the extent it has different gear. This might be a torch, radio, books to read, snacks, water and toiletries, so the main difference will be it is for freshening up and passing the time rather than survival.
  • If travelling abroad, consider how you will get home if transport is disrupted by natural disaster, civil war or epidemic, and how you will stay put if you cannot. FCO recommends signing up to their travel alerts.

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