Meet Limey Prepper

Limey Prepper is an obviously British prepper, from England. A qualified first aider, former licenced door supervisor, licensed ham operator, Red Cross Reservist, freemason, Rotarian and ex Guardian Angel, he has worked for several years behind the scenes on crisis response and investigations for government and high net worth individuals. He is an admin on Essex Preppers and member of Rotary’s Disaster Network of Assistance.

Working in the legal profession by day, or something like that, in his own time he scours the Anglosphere for prepping info to organise and publish. He wanted a UK prepping encylopedia and portal, but couldn’t find one, so started making his own. As fast as he finds links or writes chapters (‘handbooks’) in his book, the UK Preppers Bible, he chunks them down into blog posts. With a brief stint analysing COBRA reports (which are just twice daily powerpoints) and understanding of civil contingencies capability, he emphasises what government probably will and will not do to help. Spoiler: probably not enough and too late – it is every man, family and mutual assistance group for themselves!

The name is a nod to the fact that a lot of info and readers are going to come from the USA.

What is the UK Preppers Bible?

Limey Prepper’s ‘UK Preppers Bible’ is a work in progress, seeking to summarise UK risks and government responses, explaining what would happen if those risks crystallised and what you can do about it to prepare and react when moving or staying put. It aims to paint a realistic picture of how government would react – and thus where that leaves you.

Limey Prepper was co-founder of a community safety patrol, so the first aid and self defence chapters are cannibalised from the patrol manual he wrote for that. The medical advice is largely summarised from NHS manuals and covers everything from St John Ambulance leaflets to A&E consultant handbooks – in case you or someone in your MAG have set up a makeshift home clinic with at least a nurse on hand. The self defence techniques lean heavily on UK police training, ranging from witness-friendly de-escalation for misunderstandings through to high speed destruction when the bad guy decides it is either you or him. The security advice against home invasion explains how to upgrade protection throughout the home and includes the latest standards from the government physical security agency CPNI for mob scenarios and beyond all the way up to bond villain lairs. The method of entry guide is largely derived from police and fire services, intended to lay dormant until you have to rescue abandoned food in a life or death scenario. The war and urban movement scenarios lean heavily on USA material, focussing on NBC attacks and moving through cities. Weather, disease and accident scenarios are more based on the UK national risk register. The survival and preppers chapter tries to understand who preppers are.

Some of the first chapters are part of his UK Preppers Security Handbook, but others are coming along including ones on survival & preppers, urban movement, risks (weather, accidents, war, disease), bunkers self defence and first aid. Some chapters will be technical for planning, but all have summaries, bullet points and action plans for use by families for rehearsals and maybe even in the heat of the moment. It will be updated as and when Limey Prepper finds, or is given, new tips and products to consider, and he welcomes input, ideas, suggestions and corrections. Some posts will have links for further reading and many embed videos from other sources for a different viewpoint but these are always purely supplementary and not part of the UK Preppers Bible advice, probably are not reflected in the text and may give different advice. The aim is simply to break up the text with pictures and videos to turn each page into an elearning experience.

Vendors and manufacturers are welcome to update or correct mentions, but Limey is unmonetised and so does not have time to meet all the amazing suppliers he would like to; he does his best from brochures and for anything controversial or groundbreaking he may throw in a dash of OSINT. This can be uncomfortable as few would have ever experienced it before, but security vendors have to expect due diligence. If you want a referral to someone for bespoke HNW security to counter terror levels he can arrange it.

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