Bugging out

Bugging out basics:

  • Examples of why it may be too dangerous to stay put are shops not being replenished, looting, weather your home cannot save you from or emergency services overwhelmed.
  • Have multiple routes. With knowhow, preparation and training you could well walk, drive, sail or fly to freedom cutting across land, rivers or even to France, although during the 2020 covid pandemic the army used civilian airports. Think, if you were on the TV show Hunted how would you get across country? Consider lessons in flying and boating in case you need to commander vessels.
  • Take ID, insurance and title documents with you.

Bug out locations:

  • Arrange bug out locations in different directions and distances, which could, for example, be a forest, cabin, second home, friend’s house or even another country.
  • Journeys that rely on roads not being jammed need backup locations on the way.
  • Routes should ideally have supplies previously stashed along the way.
  • Locations should ideally have duplication of what you have benefitted from at home, failing that you could load up a car with multiple INCH bags, or if on foot you are limited to dragging one INCH bag of about 1201 and for long distances you will struggle to carry more than a 60l bug out bag, after a few miles you will wish it was only a 30l get home bag. This is why stocking up bug out locations with heavy consumables like fuel, water and food is worth it if you can afford the duplication.
  • As you cannot be sure your locations have not been compromised, you always have to carry at least a bugout bag of survival items so you are not dead if your comfort items have been raided.

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