Scenarios: Home destroyed

What if your home is blown away?

  • How will you maintain your destroyed shelter if blown away by bomb, washed away by storm surge or contaminated by sewage-riddled flood, how will you replace blocked food and water distribution, how will you avoid detection or munitions, how will you avoid breathing deadly air?
  • Did you need the bridge that was washed away?
  • A lot of it comes down to masks, sealing up openings, keeping a stash of food and water, and being able to hunt, trap, grow or farm and purify.
  • Can your supplies of first aid, antibiotics, fuel, sheets, cordage, tape, boards, nails, tools, food and water etc allow you to stay indoors even if your roof and windows have gone in a blast and you are injured or sick?
  • Do your homesteading skills extend to damage assessment and repair?
  • What happens when your insurers agree to repair but refuse to decontaminate after a terror attack – have you still got a council willing and able to do it?

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